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Our European teams support you from concept to full production

We produce the highest quality products, and provide comprehensive solutions.

Using our collective resources of product design and development, engineering and world class manufacturing for the automotive sector with the full support of a flexible, passionate and dedicated team.

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Flex-N-Gate Europe CSR Report

This report is a testimony to our company’s ongoing commitment to improving and building a better future for all.

At FNG, we strongly believe in the importance of operating in an ethical and responsible manner. We strive to be a sustainable company that has a positive impact on society and the environment. Through this European report, we would like to share with you our achievements, challenges and goals, and provide a clear vision of our approach to social responsibility.

FNG Europe’s CSR report highlights our initiatives and programs in several key areas. We have worked hard to promote diversity and inclusion in our organization, fostering a work environment in which all people are valued and respected. In addition, we have implemented policies to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, as well as an equitable and flexible work culture.

We recognize that there is always room for improvement and that positive change is achieved through constant effort.

Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable and equitable world!

Ecovadis 2023

Flex-N-Gate was awarded the Ecovadis 2023 Gold Medal for France, with a score of 70/100, and the Ecovadis 2023 Silver Medal for Spain, with a score of 67/100.

Flex-N-Gate France is in the top 2% of companies rated by Ecovadis in the sector: Manufacture of parts and accessories for vehicles and their engines, and Flex-N-Gate Spain is in the top 5% of companies rated by Ecovadis.

This is the result of the steps we have taken and the integration of social and environmental concerns in all our operational activities but also in our day-to-day management.

About Ecovadis
EcoVadis experts analyze a company’s CSR practices in relation to the industry sector, the size and the geographic location of the company. Businesses are given a score out of 100 which takes into account their CSR policies, actions and results. The score is based on 21 environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, which are broken down into four main areas: Environment, Social and human rights, Ethics and Sustainable procurement. 

Our clients in Europe

We provide customers a comprehensive solution using our collective resources of product.


Front Bumper


Rear Spoiler, Rear Bumper, Complete painted, Tailgate module

DS 3 Crossback

Front / Rear Bumpers, Spoiler, Wheel lips, Exterior Trims

Multi-brand utility vehicles

Front / Rear Bumpers, Dashboard

DS 7

Front Bumper, Signal lamp

Renault New Scenic

Front / Rear Bumpers, Rear panel, Spoiler, Technical front end

Nissan Juke
Synergy platform w/ Renault Captur

Front-end Carrier

Multi-brand LCV including EV versions

Front / Rear Bumpers, Front-end Carrier

DACIA Duster
Entry-level vehicle

Brake Pedals, Hinges, Exterior Trims, Development

LCV high runner

Rear Bumper, Front-end Carrier

BMW 35up
5-Series, 6-Series GT, 7 Series, 8 Series, X3 (FNGE), X5-6-7 (FNG Bradford), RR

Pedal Box Assemblies, Platform Award

2-Series Cabr, 3-Series GT, 4-Series, X2, 1-Series, 2 Series AT, X1, 1 Series Sedan, 3-Series, 2 Series GC, Mini

Door Hinges, Platform Award

3-Series Touring, 5-Series Touring, 6-Series GT

Tailgate Adjustment Wedges


Tailgate Handlebar with License Plate Lights


Hood Latches, Tailgate Hinges and Pedal Assy

Discovery Sport, Evoque, E-Pace, Defender, Range Rover, F-Type, XE, F-Pace, XF, Velar

Hood Latch Systems


Hood Latches System with Pyro Unit

XE, F-Pace, XF, Velar

Jacks, Foam Tray and Toolkits

Defender, Discovery

Jacks, Toolkit and Toolkit Bag


Hood Latches System with Electrical Actuator


Dash Board, Door Panel, Front Bumper Assy and Sequencing

S-Way, X-Way & T-Way

Interior Plastic Parts


Plastic Battery Tray, Rear Lighting


Liftgate Hinge

Transit Connect

Rear Cargo Door Check, Side Door Hinge, Side Door Check Arm, Liftgate Hinge


Rear Cargo Door Check, Side Door Check Arm, Hood Hinge

Transit Custom

Rear Cargo Door Check Arm, Rear Cargo Door Hinge, Side Door Check Arm, Hood Hinge


Flex-N-Gate is committed to select competitive, high-quality suppliers and work in partnership with them to innovate and deliver world-class solutions, establishing sustainable roadmaps.