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Flex-N-Gate, as a leader of innovative automotive systems, is committed to the care of our environment, our people and communities.

All our actions
are based on 7 pillars.

Innovation & Products

Products that contribute to green mobility

Health & Safety

Safe and healthy employees

Flex-N-Gate has formalized HS policy which applies to all facilities of the Group.

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Employees sensitized to Zero IN On Safety (HS Training).

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Sites with limited environmental impact

Flex-N-Gate has formalized Environment policy which applies to all facilities of the Group.

Human resources

An activity that attracts and develops talents in territories

Sustainable procurement

Ensuring a supply that limits serious harm to the environment, health and human rights


Contributing to the development of our territories


Business Ethics

Healthy commercial relations

Flex-N-Gate has formalized privacy policy which applies to all facilities of the Group.

In Europe, 100% of people have been trained in 2022 regarding GDPR in all plants.

Flex-N-Gate provides a reporting hotline to suppliers and employees. Stakeholders can report any violation to the Code of Ethics (corruption, harassment, discrimination, etc) thanks to the alert system “Lighthouse”.

Discover our Social Principles

Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains – 2023 Report – Flex-N-Gate Group in Canada


“Working today towards a better tomorrow” Flex-N-Gate, as a leader and innovative automotive systems supplier, is committed to the care of our environment.

develop technologies and products that contribute to improve the carbon footprint of the vehicle by weight reduction, recyclability and use of recycled materials in products

continue our energy reduction by implement energy management system

apply climate neutral actions such as using green energy

progress more quickly and efficiently on the actions to be carried out on our processes and therefore on the reduction of our emissions

Our certifications

Flex-N-Gate is committed to continual improvement of its environmental management systems as well as is committed to collaborating with our customers to provide World Class Quality products that meet or exceed all customer expectations.

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems

Environmental Management

Quality Management Systems

Health & Security

Quality Management Systems

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Management System

The Flex-N-Gate Group of Companies is committed to continual improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS), which includes waste minimization, protecting the environment, preventing pollution, sustainable use of natural resources, and compliance to all relevant federal, state, provincial and local environmental regulations.


The Flex-N-Gate Group of Companies is committed to ensure that all procurement activities are carried out ethically, sustainably, and in line with the company’s values and goals. Crucial role in minimizing the environmental impact, promoting social responsability, and maintaining transparency throughout the supply chain. It involves conducting thorough research and due diligence on potential suppliers to ensure they adhere to ethical and sustainable business practices.

Diversity in people, products and suppliers

At Flex-N-Gate we realize that diversity creates a richer experience and solution for our customers and our associates. This is why we focus on growing a diverse supply base while developing strong relationships with all of our suppliers.

Flex-N-Gate is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and is currently certified through the following NMSDC affiliate councils.

Employee / Suppliers

Flex-N-Gate provides a reporting hotline to employees and suppliers who wish to report conduct or other issues while working with the company. The calls are kept confidential and go through the third party reporting provider of Lighthouse Corporation.