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and engineering


Flex-N-Gate is focusing on the Mobility of the future : enhanced perceived quality, function integration, lightweight solutions through Innovation.
We manage global programs and are able to develop and integrate all components.

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  • Design, CAE
  • Rheology
  • Stamping
  • Mechanical analysis
  • Optical engineering
  • Product Development
  • Tooling
  • Assembling
  • Design to Cost
  • Program Management

Well placed, at the right moment. A global synergy to propose complete sub-assembly

  • Tailgate (SMC, TP) with metal reinforcement, hinges…
  • Bumper with lighting functions integrated (DRL) …
  • Front grill with decoration, integrated back lighting
  • Hybrid FEC, FEM module approach

Several way of development : Full development, Build to print, Expertise, Innovation

7 R&D centers

Warren, Michigan, USA

Allen Park, Michigan, USA

Bradford, Ontario, Canada

Audincourt, France

Barcelona, Spain

Ingolstadt, Germany


Our 3 big trends


There is consensus on the scale of the Climate Challenge, and the urgent need for the Automotive Industry to bring new solutions to face it.

Among these, the rise of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) has great impact on design and architecture.

Work on vehicle efficiency is a key item to reduce emissions. Usage of Green materials will contribute to reduce environmental impact.

Personnalization & Customization

Modern cars are getting closer to concept cars that were doomed to remain fantasy. From the High-End Premium to the humble popular Entry level, every vehicle integrates complex design items to make a difference.

Integrated light signature has become the strongest impacting element, involving advanced decoration technologies : Light is the new Chrome.

Colors and Materials continuously evolves, to surprise and seduce customers, and stand out of the crowd.

Mobility of the future

Vehicles now integrate many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), enabling significant improvement on passenger and pedestrian safety. Most of these systems are acting without any human intervention, such as Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS).

New mobilities are also emerging, such as Car-sharing, which require new functionalities for Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

All these advanced technologies are deeply reshaping the vehicle architecture, and are opening the door to the Ultimate Engineer’s dream : Autonomous Driving.

4 innovations

We are taking into account the needs of our customers, offering personalization and customization, and accompanying them with ecofriendly solutions.


Our 4 Innovation pillars:

  • Lighting
  • Attractiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Materials


Driving Beam

Adaptive Driving Beam (or Glare-Free High Beam) technology is a revolution for safer and more comfortable driving at night. It is a dynamic lighting systems that will see, sense, adapt and react to rapidly changing driving conditions.

Flex-N-Gate’s modular application of this technology gives customers the ability to insert the ADB system into any headlamp construction that meets their needs.

and surprise

Our patented FLEX F/X technology gives our customers’ lamps a one-of-a-kind appearance while achieving all necessary rear lamp functions.

Using unique lensing and reflecting technology, along with low-cost LEDs, FLEX F/X can achieve everything from a completely homogenous lit appearance to an appearance of “explosions”, giving our customers’ vehicles a signature look out on the road.

the boundaries

At Flex-N-Gate, it’s our goal to combine technology and function with style and class.

Our Advance Lighting Group is always on the forefront of new ways of achieving this goal. Whether it’s applying our patented FLEX F/X technology to give your tail lamp a signature style on the road or inventing new ways of integrating the headlight into the bumper to create a unique Premium light signature, we are always pushing technology forward to find the solutions to the boldest ideas of our customer’s Design studio



Impactful design

Design studio always look for the new ideas to introduce new finishing and decoration techniques to enhance the appeal of the vehicles, and surprise the customers with unexpected details or even « easter eggs ».

At Flex-N-Gate, we keep looking for alternative decoration techniques, and above all, get them to an industrial maturity level that allows a safe launch and a perfect quality level. Our innovations allow OEM to provide different decorations with no additional tools.

Sensing the world

The multiplication of Advanced Driver and Assistance Systems represents a real challenge for the industry.

The integration of the various sensors, cameras, radars and lidars makes the work of design studios very complex.

How do we come back to the designer’s pencil intention ?

Flex-N-Gate takes the challenge to integrate these constraints, and give more freedom to your designers.



Challenging airflow

So far active aerodynamics were a solution to improve dynamic skills of the vehicle, mostly used on performance cars. But reducing CO2 emissions also goes through aerodynamics efficiency.

By developing passive and active solutions to improve the Cx ratio of the vehicle, Flex-N-Gate contributes to improve the Carbon balance of the vehicle, and also extend the range of electric vehicles.

As these are often visible parts, the customer can really see the efforts the carmaker is putting to challenge Climate Change : that’s why we call this « Premium Aerodynamics ».

Reduce Weight

The arise of SUV and the arrival of complex energy mix (hybrid, full electric, hydrogen) is compromising the strong efforts put by the OEMS over the last decades to reduce weight without degrading safety and comfort.

As a supplier of large components, for both metals and plastics, Flex-N-Gate is taking the challenge, and works on creative solutions to make your vehicles lighter and reduce their CO2 impact.



Protect the environment

With the threat of global warming, all industry is putting strong effort on eco-conception of its products.

Among the different solutions to reduce CO2 impact of car manufacturing, the selection of appropriate raw materials has a strong impact.

Flex-N-Gate’s R&I team strongly pushes towards green materials, recycled or bio-sourced.