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Flex-N-Gate designs, develops, validates and launches a wide range of exterior and interior plastic components and assemblies. Various product applications with multiple finishes and process complexities.

In our Research & Development centers, our technical teams manage feasibility analyses, kinematic studies, dynamic and fluid mechanics simulations for optimized product definition, as well as injection and compression tooling construction and validation.

Utilizing a wide range of technologies including injection, compression, low pressure, spin stack, and multi-shot molding.

Class A finishing capabilities include paint, chrome, hard-coat, metalizing, hot stamping, pad printing, in-mold decorative films and other technologies to achieve customer styling needs.

We offer complete manufacturing and system assembly solutions by leveraging our complete vertical integration capabilities bringing multiple product technologies in a complete module.

Front and Rear fascia

  • Integration of all sensing technologies including radar, lidar, camera, and ultrasonic devices.
  • Vertical integration for all product offerings incorporated in bumper fascia including lighting, structural, mechatronic and decorative components.
  • Light weighting expertise.
  • Complete integrated assembly built to sequence for just-in-time delivery.


  • Using both thermoset and thermoplastic technologies, including structural integration through in-mold or post mold manufacturing application.
  • Complete assembly with vertical integration of all product offerings.

Exterior trim

Robust design and manufacturing of multiple exterior applications including:

  • Rocker moldings
  • Wheel arch moldings
  • Grilles
  • Pillar appliques
  • Spoiler

Incorporating multiple finishing technologies and electronics integration

Finishes include:

  • Class A paint
  • Hard coat
  • High gloss MIC
  • Hot stamp
  • Pad print
  • Chrome

Front-end carrier

Hybrid injection technology, combining both plastic and metal internal know-how.

Robust numerical simulation approach, validated by correlation, ensuring that final parts will be at first shot fully compliant with customer mechanical specifications.

Physical tests (latch strength, interfaces stiffness, ageing,…) carried out at Flex-N-Gate test laboratory.



Blending style with function, Flex-N-Gate designs and develops fully integrated active aero applications including Active Grille Shutter, Active Air Dams and related air management systems.

SMC molding

  • Industry leader in manufacturing processes for SMC production and integration into multiple product applications.
  • Both structural and appearance applications.