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We are a key supplier, with global design and manufacturing capabilities for a range of mechanical systems.

Stamping, injection, welding and general assembly processes allow Flex-N-Gate to provide a wide range of different mechanical assemblies with production under one roof, additionally our capacity to paint in-house gives us greater flexibility and competitiveness in our products.

Our expertise in metal and plastics allows us to be material neutral and to offer the best possible solution to the customer

We utilize synchronous and cell-type assembly systems with various level of automation where appropriate.

On-line testing verifies that the product is functional and meets customer specifications.

Flex-N-Gate test labs, equipped with environmental chambers and life cycle & strength testers, are used to verify in the design and product validations that all products meet and exceed customer performance specifications.

Pedal System

Global supplier for various OEM platforms taking advantage of our experience in design, being metal-plastic material neutral and the integration of processes under one roof. Solutions with active and passive crash safety systems implemented in series and developed internally


Scissor jacks and Y-jacks for different vehicle lifting point applications come complete with tool kits and any tools needed by the end customer, and in any vehicle range.

Closures systems


In-house stamping process, forging and profile machining technologies allow us to offer a wide range of hood, door, trunk and tailgate hinges. Hood hinges with crash system solutions implemented.

Door checks
The FlexCheck design provides a robust, lightweight solution for the market with high stress systems and energy input to system movement.

The closure systems developed are a great advantage together with our hinges for synergies in the tests and complete development of the system, especially in hood and tailgate.