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Full range of battery development, ranging from chemistry development, cell, module, and pack manufacturing.

FLEX-ION provides full range of battery development, ranging from chemistry development, cell, module, and enclosure manufacturing.

At our FLEX-ION Battery Innovation Center, our technical teams are developing new chemistries for the future of EV applications.

Our full scale pilot line provides production-level capabilities to provide proof of concept to full scale production validation.

FLEX-ION supports a wide range of lithium cell pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical cell formats and chemistries to meet multiple application needs.

FLEX-ION offers a vertically integrated manufacturing and system assembly solution from cell manufacturing, module and pack components, and system assembly.


  • Flexible cell designs in pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical formats to meet customer application needs.
  • Development of multiple chemistries (NMC, LFP, LMO, etc) to support high performance or cost-sensitive applications.
  • Electrode cell designs and chemistries to meet long life performance and safety requirements.
  • Development of advanced cell manufacturing processes with dry-coating and laser welding to enhance quality and cost.
  • Cell certification to meet transportation and regulatory standards.


  • Scalable module designs utilizing pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical cells to meet energy and packaging requirements.


  • Safety and abuse design features to manage and mitigate against thermal propagation.


  • Design and testing to address automotive and industry regulations and standards.


  • Integrated management systems for voltage and temperature sensing, cell balancing, and communication.


  • Battery tray and cover solutions designed and manufactured utilizing Flex-N-Gate’s core capabilities in stamping, molding, and proprietary technology.


  • Advanced SMC material and manufacturing technology offers weight and cost savings for enhanced pack energy density.


  • Best-in-class manufacturing quality and process controls utilized in automotive industry to ensure high-quality battery enclosures.