FNG welcomes the new Renault 5 E-Tech!

The new Renault 5 E-Tech, revealed on February 26 at the Geneva Motor Show, combines innovation and loyalty to the history of the Renault brand, reviving this iconic model and commercial success.

For Renault, this 100% electric vehicle is emblematic of its shift towards electric vehicles “made in France”. The design of this R5 E-Tech recalls the spirit and features of the R5 in a multitude of details, and the charge display placed on the front hood in place of the old model’s air ventilation flaps is a very strong marker of the new electric model.

We’re very proud to have been able to support Renault in the design and production of this charge display module. This function is a first, with a luminous display integrated into the hood.

This innovative module provides an intuitive display of the vehicle’s charge level by means of indicator bars. These light up progressively to reveal the emblematic number 5, the model symbol, once the charge is complete. It also incorporates a friendly Welcome / Good-bye button as the driver approaches or leaves the vehicle.

This success is the result of development between several FNG departments in France, Spain and the USA, highlighting the crucial importance of synergy of skills and expertise around the world, as well as a much-appreciated collaboration with our customer Renault.

FNG produces this load indicator module at its FNG Plasticos and FNG Marines plants, as well as the technical front panel at its FNG Espana and FNG Marles les Mines plants.

Flex-N-Gate is proud to be part of this great adventure!