FNG welcomes the new Lancia Ypsilon

The new Lancia Ypsilon, revealed on February 14, is true to the brand’s history, combining innovation, sportiness and a unique design, notably with the Y shape. Its design highlights meticulous aesthetic details, notably with its unique, high-quality rearlamps. Inspired by the legendary Lancia “Stratos” and the PU+RA HPE concept car of 2023.

We’re very proud to have been able to support Stellantis in the challenge of designing these innovative and distinctive rearlamps. These rearlamps are 100% developed and manufactured by FNG Europe (FNG Sabadell production for the STELLANTIS Zaragoza site).

FNG was able to develop the floating styling effect while ensuring perfect homogeneity and quality, mobilizing in-depth expertise in terms of design, optical and electronic definition, molding complexity, state-of-the-art assembly processes and quality control.

This success is the result of strong collaboration and agility between several FNG departments in Spain, France and the United States, highlighting the importance of the synergy of skills across the globe, as well as good collaboration with our customer Stellantis.

Flex-N-Gate is proud to be part of this great adventure!