FNG welcomes the highly anticipated release of the New Renault Master!

Flex-N-Gate is pleased to present the results of the development of front and rear fascia, front end carrier and brake pedal for these high-size utility vehicle.

With over 3 million units sold since 1980, Renault Master is preparing to move up a gear with a brand new generation which will be commercialized mid 2024.

New Renault Master will launch the next-gen vans that are more efficient, 100% connected and innovative. This new model has been designed for optimum use, enabling it to go
further and further, while spending less and adapting to today’s needs.

Flex-N-Gate products participate to an “aerovan” shaped body that enables consumption savings for the combustion and the electric versions.

The front and rear fascia of the vehicle has been completely revamped, with new
pronounced brand identity specific of the RENAULT GROUP brand model.

A dedicated FNG team has been actively working on this vehicle platform project, accompanying the major renovation of our customer.

Flex-N-Gate is proud to be part of this great adventure!