About Us


The Flex-N-Gate Group of Companies is committed to continual improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS), which includes waste minimization, protecting the environment, preventing pollution, sustainable use of natural resources, and compliance to all relevant federal, state, provincial and local environmental regulations.


Flex-N-Gate is committed to partnering with our customers to provide World Class Quality Products that meet or exceed all customer expectations.

We ensure this through the Continual Improvement of an effectively implemented Quality Operating System and a dedicated workforce, focused on Customer Satisfaction and achieving company objectives.

Social Principles

The diverse members of the Flex-N-Gate group of companies adhere to the highest possible principles of social and economic development consistent with the local, regional, national and international scope of our operations. We embrace social principles of universal application, with support and guidance from international organizations of the highest reputation, including the Sullivan Group and CERES. We declare our affirmative preference to establish long-term relationships (commercial and otherwise) with others who share our view of the importance of and strive to implement these principles. The following declarations represent the main pillars of our ongoing commitment.



Our product line was expanded to include the production of rear step bumpers for pick up trucks.

We began production of the first single piece, deep draw rear step bumper face bar. At this time, the ends were formed separately and welded to the face bar.

We began supplying bumpers to the Jeep Corporation, making them our first
O. E. customer.

Production began on the world’s first complete one-piece rear step bumper using the deep draw process. This refined technology produced a lighter, yet stronger, unit than previously available, while vastly improving quality and reducing labor.

Our second manufacturing facility was established in Danville, Illinois to support production of O. E. rear step bumpers for import customers.



We began production of specialty off-road products for O. E. customers. Flex-N-Gate developed and produced brush guards, grille guards, tube bumpers, light bars, and winch mounts.

We expanded into designing and building integrated running board systems for
O. E. applications.

Our third manufacturing facility was established. Established sequenced parts delivery facility to support just-in-time deliveries of truck components to Chrysler’s Warren Truck Assembly Plant.

Our fifth manufacturing facility was established.

Our sixth manufacturing facility was established.

Successfully launched a new manufacturing facility.



Acquired several existing facilities.

Construction was completed on our 13th facility.

Purchased Ventra Group.

Purchased facility to combine their spare tire hoisting systems with our jack systems to create a package of full tire changing systems for the auto industry.

Acquired facility to strengthen our body structure and chassis stamping operations.

Expanded our plastics and sequencing capabilities.

Acquired facility to expand our interior plastics assemblies capabilities.

Acquired ford lighting facility at Sandusky.

Expanded Mechanical Assemblies capabilites .

Manufacturing facility established in China.

Manufacturing and Sequencing facility established in Chicago.

Manufacturing facility established in heart of Detroit.

Manufacturing facility established in Brazil.

Acquired facility to expand our exterior plastic appliqué capabilities.